About me


My name is Sara. I want to share with you my experience and journey of using Effective Mold Avoidance as my main treatment for chronic health problems, including ME/CFS, MCS, fibromyalgia, and severe gastrointestinal problems. I want to get my health and my life back!

I hope this will be an inspiring journey where we can learn together not just to survive mold but to actually Thrive creating a new way of life!

I have already made tremendous progress and feel energised and hopeful for the future.

I am a biochemist with PhD-level training in scientific research. Understanding how the biological world works on a molecular scale has always been a big passion for me and the challenges I have faced by being so ill have led me to observe, analyse and experiment with different things, learning something new every step of the way.

Using my scientific mind, my own bodily experience and my passion for discovery I want to learn more about toxic mold, mycotoxins and other biotoxins, how they behave and how we can best deal with them. And share with you what I find, so that all of us who are struggling with this might benefit.

In conjunction with Effective Mold Avoidance, I am also interested in trying other gentle and natural healing modalities to support my body in its natural healing process. I focus mainly on nutrition, microbiomics, and body-mind integration.

Here are the scientific papers I have published, in case you are curious. I specialized in studying the catalytic mechanisms of enzymes and their structure/function connections.

Mechanistic studies on the formation of glycosidase-substrate and glycosidase-inhibitor covalent intermediates.

Modelling beta-1,3-exoglucanase-saccharide interactions: structure of the enzyme-substrate complex and enzyme binding to the cell wall.

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