Mentoring on Health and Healing

"What you say makes so much sense. So many times, I feel my life has literally been saved by information from you and one or two others. It's remarkable. I don't know whether this can be turned around at this stage but I'm never going to stop trying. 

When you are a severe M.E. patient who has slithered down the path into serious cognitive malfunction, then having a brain like yours in my corner is invaluable."  - Katie Steward 

"Sara's advice was a lifesaver after my Epic Mold Disaster of 2016. Because of her scientific training in biochemistry, she understands how mold and other toxins behave and how they can be controlled. 

In July 2016, toxic mold spread throughout my house from a leaky basement. I fled my moldy home and was forced to abandon all my possessions. Then I was devastated when four months later my new apartment also became contaminated with the same toxic mold. 

I was afraid I would need to throw everything away a second time, but because of Sara's timely and helpful advice, I was able to clean and salvage my wood furniture, metal, and plastic items using a microbial probiotic. Without Sara's advice, I would have lost my home and my possessions a second time in 4 months.

She continues to give specific advice tailored to my unique situation. She thoroughly understands the role toxins play in chronic illness and her approach is filled with compassion, having been through years of suffering from mold exposure herself. She "gets it."

Thank God for Sara Tamames!" - Sandra Elam

"Thank you so much for your invaluable mentoring session via Skype. It was so good to actually speak to someone who has gone through a similar situation with mould toxicity and your advice has been really helpful. 

I felt totally alone with my health issues beforehand as no family or friends could truly understand my health issues. Whenever I have had a follow up question since our session you have always been so good at getting back to me taking time and effort,  helping me in my healing journey in the right direction. Thank you so much." - Alison

I offer personalised mentoring on Effective Management of Biotoxin Exposure and healing from toxic mold poisoning and related chronic illnesses like M.E./CSF, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS). I will work together with you and your particular situation to find the best possible strategies to maximize your healing, using as a guide the wealth of knowledge I have acquired over the years through study and research as well as my own personal experience of healing. I want to help you feel empowered and strong in dealing with the challenges you face and support you finding a path that brings you joy and meaning on your healing journey.

If you are interested in this service contact me using the following e-mail: 

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I believe in a natural, gentle approach for supporting the spontaneous healing of the body, centring on avoiding exposure to environmental toxins and toxicants that interfere with our body's physical processes and providing the body with the necessary building blocks with good nutrition and a few supplements.

Another important aspect of healing is creating positive emotions, cultivating hope and overcoming trauma states that can make it impossible for our body to enter a healing mode. Having the support of a nurturing and empathetic person who can deeply understand our experiences can be fundamental in this regard.

One of the aspects that brings me the most joy in working with clients in their healing journey is to create a safe emotional environment where their spontaneous mind-body healing processes are allowed to take place and fully supported, where they can express emotions and pain without feeling judged and in that find great relief and release from emotional pain that was blocking their healing. 

I know how hard it is to deal with the challenges of chronic illness and the difficulties it poses to interpersonal relationships and to living a full and meaningful life. No one should have to endure it alone.

I have studied extensively about the brain and the body-mind connection, both in my academic training as well as my personal life, because these topics are of great interest to me and I strive to embody all that I have learned in my daily life and in interactions with other people.

I use the principles of the Hakomi method of body-mind therapy as guidelines in interaction with clients and have devoted myself to embodying  this method  which I believe is an incredible tool for supporting healing of any kind and a healthy, integrated life.

Here is a short introduction to the Hakomi principles (quoted from the Hakomi Institute)

"MINDFULNESS is a powerful tool for helping persons study the organization of their experience. It is an exploratory, relaxed and alert, meditative (though non-hypnotic), state of consciousness, which allows us to move beyond our normal, habitual thoughts and actions to the often richly non-verbal intuitions of our deeper states. The process also supports the mobilization of our essential or core selves, which have a presence, centeredness, compassion, and wisdom that transcends the limitations of our historical experience.

NON-VIOLENCE is a principle that promotes safe, non-forceful, cooperative exploration through honoring the signs and signals of our organic processes, especially those that manifest as “resistance.” In contrast to confronting or overpowering such “defenses,” the Hakomi methodology respects and literally supports such occurrences, which then allows them to be befriended for the wisdom they contain, and willingly yielded when appropriate.

The principle of MIND-BODY INTEGRATION affirms that mind and body jointly manifest and reflect the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world, which in turn organize how we creatively experience and express ourselves in life. Hakomi has many ways of exploring the mind-body connection to help bring to awareness this somatic material, and the core beliefs and experiences that generate it.

The UNITY principle assumes that, as people, we are living, organic systems that are integral wholes, composed of parts, which also participate in larger systems. The interdependency of all levels of the system, including the physical/metabolic, intrapsychic, interpersonal, family, cultural, and spiritual are taken seriously in Hakomi.

ORGANICITY assumes that when all the parts are communicating within the whole, the system is self-directing and self-correcting, and has an inner wisdom of its own. In Hakomi, we support our clients’ organic unfolding toward wholeness, and trust that this is the direction that their system will naturally seek. Rather than imposing their own agenda, the therapist works cooperatively with the client’s system."

Pro Bono Mentoring

I am offering free mentoring for those most in need according to the free time and energy I have available at each point in time. 

If you feel you could greatly benefit from my mentoring on Effective Management of Biotoxin Exposure but really can not afford it, write to me your story using also mentioning in what ways you think I could help you.

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If you wish to support me in helping others who are in very difficult situations and cannot afford to pay for my mentoring services you can send donations to my PayPal account using the e-mail or by cliking on this link: Donate with PayPal

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